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    Request facts and rules.


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    Request facts and rules.

    Post  Mandos on Wed May 13, 2009 9:07 pm

    There are several things to mention about requests, and more so, about clans.

    First, I think it would be wise to explain what I mean by "clans"... clans are simply groups that people can join, once a clan group is complete, it will be positioned by the administrator, moderator artisan spots. To request a clan, just make a topic stating what name you want for it. Clans should be assosiated with the factions of Arda. E.G. "Rhûn", "Erebor", "Númenor", "Mirkwood", etc. etc.

    All clans will have a leader, special banners, exclusive access to their own personal clan forum (or lounge), certain activities, special voting, and all clans will participate in choosing a Maia at the end of every month.
    Maia are esteemed members that are given a special rank. Notice, Maia members do not have moderator powers unless upgraded to moderator by myself or other administrators. More on Maia will be stated later.

    To join a clan, simply go to it's respective link near the bottom of the page, and click subscribe. A member can only be approved if they don't already belong to a Clan. You can always leave a clan at any time simply by unsubscribing.

    The leader of a clan will be voted in by members of that clan. The Leader has several perks, first, they have moderative power over their lounge, you get a special rank depending on what type of clan you are leader of, if you are the leader of the Erebor clan, you have the rank "King Dain", just for example. This is not in effect yet, as soon as I can I will make it. You can stop being the leader of a clan simply by PMing myself or another admin.

    There are two groups, Valar, and Artisans. Valar are a specific clan reserved for Admins and mods, they cannot join in interclan competitions.

    Artisans are the graphic designers of this site, you can only be an artisan if you are skilled with photoshop, and/or other picture and graphic software. This is not only a clan, but a position, as an artisan, myself or other admins may ask you to do certain jobs that we either don't have the time to do, or don't know how to do. And we may ask at any time.

    Now that I have explained this to ya'll, I can get on with it.
    Requests, or to more accurately put it, "suggestions", are simply topics anyone can make suggesting that myself or any other admin make or do something you think will improve the site, other members are welcome to comment on your suggestion.

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