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    Rules for this forum....


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    Rules for this forum....

    Post  Mandos on Wed May 13, 2009 9:58 pm

    Here are the guidelines for this forum.

    First off, one of the most annoying things that as a mod on other sites I have had to deal with is spamming. Spamming is defined as pointless posts that people make to gain post count. Don't do it, period.... It's annoying, it's pointless, it takes up room. Making posts just to raise a number on your profile, is quite frankly, stupid. Posting is only for communicating with other members about a specific subject. The lounges are the closest things to spam that anyone should get.

    Second off, cursing.... Please don't, I want this site to be user friendly, and some people may be sensitive to harsh language. Some words have been censored, others have not, please do not bypass the filter, and please do not take advatage of my lack of word censoring.

    Third. Something that I have seen on other sites... people hacking because the administrators didn't give them moderator or administrator rank. I have something to say about this... NEVER DO IT. No matter how tempting it is to you, no matter how skilled you are at it, no matter how lucky you have been a it. Anyone who hacks, even a little, even if you are only looking around, even if you do nothing to the site, even if you swear never to do it again, will be banned till Armageddon, with no exeptions.
    The admin of one site that this happened to, allowed the hacker to return to his site. He is nicer than I am, cause I don't care how pitiful of an argument you make, it's not worth it, you might as well just make your own site.

    Fourth, political, and pro or anti-religious topics, sigs, or statements....
    Few topics in the world cause more anger, hate, humiliation, and exasperated discussion than these things. Everyone has a different opinion about these things, so in the interest of keeping this site from grasping at each other's throats, I am banning the creation of these topics in the general discussion.

    There is nothing wrong with saying you are of a certain religion, or political opinion, but posting anti religion, or political things, putting anti "R"/"P" comments in your sig or personal statement, or making anti "R"/"P" sigs or avatars, is restricted.

    And last off, posting pornography.
    This is the most disgusting, and most definitly the worst thing you can do on this site. Anyone that does this is banned from this site for as long as I live, and forever after.

    Thank you for reading the rules, and I hope you have a good time here.

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